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Some Hemp and CBD Benefits

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Benefits Of Eating Hemp

The Benefits of Eating Hemp for a Raw Diet By Kathy Tennefoss Hemp has been around for centuries and was primarily cultivated in ancient China but has also been grown in early India, Mesopotamia, Persia, and Egypt. In America hemp was grown by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin had a hemp paper... Read More »

Yang Yin Balance

Sickness and the Balance of Yin and Yang By John J Dixon One of the key concepts of traditional acupuncture theory is of the balance of yin and yang in the body. Yin and yang seems like one of those strange esoteric expressions not out of place in a 1970’s cheese-ball Chinese kung fu movie.... Read More »

10 Ways to Improve Your Life with Goji Juice

Author: Carolette Wright Goji Juice is rising in the ranks of popularity among health fanatics and those concerned about acquiring a better quality of life and getting a healthy start. The Chinese have always known of the benefits of Himalayan Goji Berries and have used this timeless fruit for centuries. “Well, it is now time... Read More »

Yoga Optimises Your Endocrine System and Thyroid Gland Function For Enhanced Mood and Stability

By Helena Lucas Yoga practice aims for internal balance. Fundamentally this involves optimisation of your endocrine system. Yoga postures and breathing techniques, in conjunction with meditation practices and chanting, stimulate your endocrine glands to enhance their functioning. This is achieved by internal massage on muscles and spine, by internal massage through sounds, by improving circulation,... Read More »

Confining or Oppression

Confining or Oppression: Famous Birthdays on Today: June 28 (1.) 1243 – Emperor Go-Fukakusa of Japan (d. 1304) (2.) 1491 – Henry VIII of England (d. 1547) (3.) 1926 – Mel Brooks, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (4.) 1931 – Junior Johnson, American race car driver (5.) 1938 – Leon Panetta, American lawyer and politician,... Read More »

Ageing Gracefully

Ageing Gracefully By: Sandra Prior For many of us, old age conjures up ghastly images of decrepitude and degenerative disease. So, panic-stricken, we fork out thousands of dollars for anti-wrinkle creams, blood-pressure pills and Botox. Yet simple lifestyle changes and a bit of old fashioned discipline can win back decades. A small but very definite... Read More »

Be Agreeable

Be Agreeable By James Byrd, MBA Remember that whenever you encounter everyday activities or persons, you will encounter the workings of striving on the behalf of that person or peoples that you will encounter. It’s an innate ability on the behalf of all beings to fertilize the situation before anyone else does, so try at... Read More »

Pomegranate Wine – Why It Is Good For You?

Pomegranate Wine – Why It Is Good For You? By Dominic J Rivard Let’s face it, wine drinking has been a part of our lives for many centuries now. It is an activity that is observed throughout history. But what makes wine drinking so indispensable? This is because wine brings pleasure to the person who... Read More »

Type 2 Diabetes – Two New Medications for Treating High Blood Sugar

Type 2 Diabetes – Two New Medications for Treating High Blood Sugar Type 2 Diabetes – Two New Medications for Treating High Blood Sugar By Beverleigh H Piepers Both tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and cannabidiol (CBD) are phytochemicals similar to the active ingredient in marijuana, but without the psychoactive effects. According to a report published in the... Read More »

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