Some Hemp and CBD Benefits

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Crypto Currency The Proposed Plan

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The Right Platform For Your Organization

The Right Platform For Your Organization The first goal when understanding the dynamics of any social media platform is to at least understand the what will the platform bring in terms of ROI, return on investments. How will the platform itself increase the bottom line, and also, how will it effectively reach the right audience.... Read More »

Social Media Marketing Update

Social Media Marketing Update “Video Marketing, What We Know.” By: James Byrd, MBA, Marketing Consultant At Credit: “Join Us On... Read More »

Corporate Social Media Policy

Introduction: Corporate Social Media Policy Depending on the structure and objectives of an organization, the need for social media policy and use guidelines, will be the eventual alternative of every organization and will at some point in time within the near future, require the use of social media documentation outlining the rules and policies associated... Read More »

Let Us Manage Your Twitter Postings

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Making The Connections

James Byrd Some of the strengths of centralized social media community management is that the company can create an online community where customers can interact with other customers, and give advice, within an enclosure that is moderated by the company, with an effort to learn more about public sentiments, and as well as provide their... Read More »

Hurricane Preparedness and Evacuation Tips

Hurricane Preparedness and Evacuation Tips By Ador Talukdar If you live in an area where there is a possibility of a hurricane coming onshore you need to know how to prepare for these storms. Unlike a tornado, these storms have enough warning time for the citizens in their path to prepare. The following tips will... Read More »

How is Empowr different than other social networks?

By Carol Jones What would happen if social media had the ability to let people leverage their power for the greater good? A new social media platform,, is different than other social networks; but how is Empowr different? Instead of being just about profits, the Empowr social economy allows for users’ online presence be... Read More »


Ascending: Famous Birthdays on Today: May 25 (1.) 1803 – Ralph Waldo Emerson, American poet and philosopher (d. 1882) (2.) 1878 – Bill Robinson, American actor and dancer (d. 1949) (3.) 1897 – Gene Tunney, American boxer and soldier (d. 1978) (4.) 1932 – K. C. Jones, American basketball player and coach (5.) 1939 –... Read More »

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