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Creating Personal Wealth – The Nine Principles

Creating Personal Wealth – The Nine Principles By Dr. Manus J. Moolman Successful people usually have exceptional skills. They plan properly, organize efficiently and work long, hard hours in order to succeed. One would assume that they would create personal wealth with the same diligence. However, many of them fail to apply their minds to... Read More »

National Coffee Day: Don’t Forget Your Free Drink In September!

National Coffee Day: Don’t Forget Your Free Drink In September! By Stephanie J Hopkins Have you ever heard of the National Coffee Day? It is a relatively new celebration that falls on September 29 every year. Despite the fact that there are 111 million of coffee drinkers around the world, no one really dedicates a... Read More »

The Psychopath and The Abused Woman

By Allan N Schwartz “Women become victims because they don’t recognize the difference between normal personality diversity and the signs and symptoms of pathology.”(Sandra Brown, “Women Who Love Psychopaths.” I have seen it happen repeatedly during forty years as a psychotherapist/clinical social worker. Intelligent women come to the office suffering from PTSD because they were... Read More »

10 Things I Learned From Watching the Pope – What Do People Learn From Watching You?

By Anne Pryor The frenzy around Pope Francis visiting the United States can’t be denied. 10,000 tickets sold out within 30 seconds for his Philadelphia event. Catholics and non-Catholics are clamoring to hear him and be in his presence. I watch him, see his photos on the cover of The Rolling Stones, Vanity Fair, People... Read More »

Advantages of Social Media for Your Business

By Aman Tumukur Khanna Social media has a very positive impact on any particular business. As a business man it will be very wise of you if you make good and effective use of social media. It is a platform that can be used exhaustively in order to benefit from it in the long run.... Read More »

4 Delicious Herbs and Spices Sauces That Will Instantly Lighten Up Your Meals

4 Delicious Herbs and Spices Sauces That Will Instantly Lighten Up Your Meals By Adrian T. Cheng Any food can be dull and boring without the right amount of flavor. Put some life to your cooking with delicious sauces made with healthy ingredients like herbs and spices. So whether you are in the mood for... Read More »

Hexagram 55

Hexagram 55 – 9/23/15    By James Byrd I. The Oracle   A. Hexagram fifty-five with this we see Abundance and fullness. Another variation is the The Abounding, or we see one how has it all, but he is still sad within our chateau with its dyke. The thing he should do is be happy... Read More »

Building E-Mail Subscriber Lists

Building E-Mail Subscriber Lists By Dan H Grijzenhout Building E-mail subscriber lists is always challenging as people surfing the Internet looking for content for the most part, enjoy doing this anonymously without giving you information about themselves. Often, if you do manage to entice them to your site in the first place, putting a big... Read More »

Immune Boosting Foods

By Uttoran Sen The immune system of our body is one of the most important systems supporting the efficient functioning of the human body. The immune system not only is the first shield against viruses and diseases that might affect us but also if a virus enters our body, it is the job of the... Read More »

Hexagram 8 (9-18-15)

By James Byrd I.The oracle   A. Hexagram eight is related directly with Grouping. Another variation is the Holding Together of a group, the image of a puddle of water, it is not part of the sea or ocean, but still it holds together within its low spot, and therefore, it is a small and... Read More »