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What is good drinking water?

There are real questions to be asked: How much water do you need drink each day? The question of water quality; is it true that your tap water is safe? Other concerns will include such things as what type and the percentages of contaminants that are in water that you drink from the tap in... Read More »

Innovative Technologies And The Environment

By James Byrd, MBA One thing we will have to live with for now is the fact that the planet is moving towards drastic changes. Much of it has to do with environmental change or extreme fluctuations in the weather patterns. There is hope in arresting these effects and that would be via innovative technologies.... Read More »

February 14

I. The oracle   A. Hexagram thirty-six is related to Diminishing of the Light, hence, retreating and hiding ones true intellectual position. Another variation would be just as the Sun hides its brilliance at times, so should the Superior person during times of difficulties. Hence, it furthers one to be persevering. It can be said... Read More »