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Tai Chi for Older Adults

The short Tai Chi video below is exclusively designed for older adults, the ones without any prior knowledge of Tai Chi; this program is quite easy-to-learn. Comprehensive and easy-to-follow instructions, the short video below will give you a brief understanding of what is enclosed within the making of the commercial DVD format. The commercially designed... Read More »

Understanding The Marketing Process

By James Byrd, MBA Our basic survival requirements such as air, food, water, clothing, and shelter are consumer needs. When focused on a particular object or objective such as the desire for a slice of pizza, the needs will transform into wants which will, in this case, satisfy the basic need, lack of food, (Kotler... Read More »

Mediterranean Diet: How to Lower Cholesterol and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease by 22 per cent with Dry Beans

By Emilia Klapp, R.D., B.S. For centuries, legumes or dry beans, as they are commonly known, have been a staple food in the Mediterranean countries where they have played an important part in the fight against heart disease. Why? Because… – Legumes contain essential minerals and vitamins such as iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, potassium,... Read More »

The I Ching – One of the World’s Most Important Books?

The I Ching is the oldest known classic Chinese text and is one of the most important philosphical books of all time and one of the most popular having been read by billion of people… The I Ching – One of the World’s Most Important Books? Author: Sacha Tarkovsky The I Ching is the oldest... Read More »

Hexagram 64 (May 23)

James Byrd, MBA May 23 I.The oracle   A. Hexagram Sixty-four has more to do with taking care since we are nearing a completion of a situation as with the ending of a month, a good example would be like the dream I just awaken from where I had an overloaded truck and I was... Read More »

Do the research…

In order to develop the process of forward-looking, one must do the research, interpret the data, and then act. These steps are very important when making that judgment call in terms of value migrations or what’s important to the person making the judgment call. The key in all cases when it comes to research and... Read More »

The 6 Step Social Media Plan For Business

By L R Lindsay Since its inception, social media has grown from a simple way to keep in touch with old classmates, friends and colleagues to become one of the most vital weapons in a company’s marketing arsenal. With seemingly every enterprise in the western world trying to be seen and heard online, it’s inevitable... Read More »

What is volition?

What is Volition? It is what makes us what we are, and that is due to our past unimpeded choices. One just can’t be in a comfortable position because of chocies made by another, that person’s decision/choices placed them within that sphere of being. As stated by Epictetus, “the act of volition is “by nature... Read More »

The Benefits of Vitamin B12 – A Primer

By Seema Patel M.D. and Lee Kirksey M.D. An abnormally low level of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is a factor in many disorders. The absorption of dietary vitamin B12 occurs in the small intestine and requires a secretion from the stomach known as intrinsic factor. If intrinsic factor is deficient, absorption of vitamin B12 is severely... Read More »

Cowspiracy: A Documentary the Unsustainable Nature of Animal Agriculture and Much More

Cowspiracy: A Documentary the Unsustainable Nature of Animal Agriculture and Much More By Donald Ardell Introduction I have a few questions for your consideration. After posing these questions, I’ll outline what the evidence suggests about each question. I’ll follow that with a discussion of what it all means for those who want to enjoy quality... Read More »