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Happy Halloween – 2016

Hexagram24 October 31 I. The oracle   A. Hexagram twenty-four is related to or has reference to Returning, hence, the turning point. Another variation would be the idea of a return to our humble beginnings to celebrate the holidays with family. The time is correct; there is no un-expectancy with this true, and noble act.... Read More »

How to Improve Brain Memory Fast For Better Concentration

by Dr Andrew Napier Memory is a function of the brain that sometimes might need improvement. There are many people who miss the memory power they once had and wonder how to improve brain memory fast. Some people just need this because they feel their memory has damaged once they got older and others simply... Read More »

Hexagram 54

I.The oracle   A. Hexagram Fifty-four: I can say this at this time, there is nothing to be gained by advancing at this time. The Marrying Maiden is accompanied by her younger sister who is the vested consort. With these terms all is well but if by chance the consort is the older sister, all... Read More »

Australia’s East Coast Storms and Climate Change Are a Warning

By Norma Holt The scene of Collaroy Beach that was heavily impacted by the ocean on June 5th 2016 has a message in it for the rest of Australia, if not the world. The waves were over 8 meters that slammed into the multi-million dollar homes built on the beach front. Now up to ten... Read More »

Moroccan Grilled Lamb Chops Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 212

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How To Start Selling T-shirts Online Using E-Commerce Store

How To Start Selling T-shirts Online Using E-Commerce Store by Gopinath Why Choose T-shirts? T-shirts are lightweight garments which drape on your body like a second skin and is very comfortable to wear. Most tshirts are made from Cotton, Which make tshirts feel warm and relaxes your Body. T-shirts are used by People of all... Read More »

Hemp Seed Oil and Its Beneficial Omega-3 Fatty Acids

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