The 6 Step Social Media Plan For Business

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By L R Lindsay

Since its inception, social media has grown from a simple way to keep in touch with old classmates, friends and colleagues to become one of the most vital weapons in a company’s marketing arsenal.

With seemingly every enterprise in the western world trying to be seen and heard online, it’s inevitable that most will fail. The question for new businesses is how to avoid a similar fate. Ask any internet marketing expert and they will tell you the same: to succeed on social media with your business, you will need to devise and stick to a plan.

Based on the nature of their business, companies will differ on what they consider success in social media to be. However, whatever your goal, there is a 6-step to achieve it: choose an objective, evaluate resources, execute, stay consistent, measure, and adjust.

Choose an objective

Businesses utilize social media for a variety of reasons, but if you are to know when you’ve been successful, you need to identify what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Are you trying to build a large community of fans? Is it a lead generation exercise? Or is your goal to direct traffic back to your website?

Determining your objective in the beginning means you’ll be able to tailor your whole plan and campaign towards achieving it, and any good internet marketing agency will advise the same.

Evaluate your resources

Once you have an objective in mind, the next step is to determine what resources you have at your disposal.

While larger companies will likely have far more capital to invest in a social media presence, or even pay for an internet marketing agency to take care of the whole operation, smaller companies often have to delegate the work to existing employees, or even to an individual.

If you are to keep everything in-house, how much do the persons responsible know about the techniques to succeed on social media? If a team is to be responsible for the activity, does each member know their role? And how will you evaluate whether enough effort is being put into the social media activity?

Execute your plan

Once you know who will be responsible for what, it will be time to actually generate some social media content. For this to be effective, you will need to know what sort of content your target audience cares about and identify the best way to get it out to them.

Would they rather see updates and teasers about company products, or something else?

You can save time and effort by sharing useful content from others in your industry, although you will want to create your own content too. Be this in the form of blogs, images, or videos, posting your own content is the best way to position yourself as an authority in your industry, and to have it shared by others just as you share theirs.

Stay consistent

Without question, the best way to maintain a good social media presence is to post regularly and reliably.

Having a schedule that you stick to, be it daily, weekly, or monthly generates trust and vastly improves the public image of your company. Consistent internet marketing for businesses, either on social media or elsewhere, builds trust like nothing else, which means attracting new customers while retaining current ones too.

Measure the results

Once your social media campaign is being consistently executed, you will need to analyze the return on your efforts.

Internet marketing experts suggest doing this once a month, or at least once per quarter, to give yourself an ongoing picture of what is working and what isn’t in relation to your objective.

Keeping track of which posts got the most engagement, comments, shares, likes, follows, or even drove traffic to your site, will help you to define the best way to move forward with your campaign.

Tweak your campaign

Once you have seen which posts are working well and which aren’t, tweaking your campaign to include more of the former and less of the latter will help push the success of your internet marketing campaign to the next level.

A successful internet marketing plan for a business is an ongoing effort, with constant measuring and tweaking of what works an absolute necessity going forward. To get to these 5th and 6th stages though, we must also go through the first four. Choosing an objective, evaluating your resources, executing your plan, remaining consistent, measuring your results, and tweaking your campaign are all vital components in the 6-step social media plan for business.

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