What Costs Are Associated With Off Grid Power?

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By Joe Springer

For many people, off grid power solutions are both practical and desirable options. The reasons for this are numerous, including the opportunity to be independent from the power and financial fluctuations that come with grid supply, along with the cost savings to be made in some cases and a way to be environmentally friendly.

There is a large range of different standalone power solutions available, including solar powered options, gasoline options and many more. An increasing number of people are investing in renewable energy sources to power their systems, as this is not only a way of using ‘green’ energy in the home, but also a very economical option too.

Regardless of the potential cost savings of not being hooked up to the national grid, it is important to note that there are several costs associated with off grid power solutions; here are a few of the most common expenses that you can expect when investing in such a system for your property.

First of all, it should be noted that there are significant up front costs associated with setting up a standalone system to provide power to your home or business premises. The amount that you will need to pay, however, will all depend on the size of your premises, the source of your energy and how much energy that you will need.

The best thing to do is to get a quote for the system that you intend to put into place from a number of companies in your area to see what upfront costs you are looking at exactly. For best results, aim to find a handful of companies that have already successfully managed to complete installations in properties of a similar size to yours.

It is worth noting that the costs will depend on your source of energy – if you are opting for off grid solar you will need to pay for solar panels, whereas if you are investing in natural gas powered equipment you will understandably have other charges to account for.

Assuming that you have opted for a renewable energy source such as off grid solar power, then one of the great things about a standalone generator is that you will have few costs after the initial installation of the equipment. Whereas grid power will require the paying of regular bills, with your energy coming from your solar panels you will not have to worry at all about this.

With that said, there are a few expenses that you can expect after your initial investment, in particular for the maintenance of your equipment so that everything works as optimally as it can for as long as possible. One example is with your rechargeable off grid solar batteries, which will need to be replaced periodically – and some are relatively expensive.

Again however, the cost of your replacement batteries and the frequency of the replacements will all depend on your energy needs, and the chances are that in comparison with your grid energy expenditure, these maintenance costs will still be less over a long term basis, if you are prepared to wait to enjoy the financial benefits of such a system.

If you have solar panels and other equipment, expect to take on the maintenance costs of these as well; one of the disadvantages of being off grid is that you alone will be responsible for keeping your equipment in top working order. The costs can still be relatively small as long as the effort is put in on a regular basis to keep things running smoothly.

It is worth noting that many state governments offer incentives to move over to partial or complete solar power installations, so it is worth investigating if you may be entitled to financial help towards your generator project or even a refund. This can also contribute to making such a system a very worthwhile option.

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