6 Blogging Tips That Will Drive More Traffic And Have Readers Coming Back For More

By Jim Coffman

Regardless of all the changes that we see each day with technology, awesome new software tools, lead and traffic generation methods, the trends of having a successful blog however tend to remain the same.

With the Network Marketing, MLM, Internet Marketing niches getting more and more competitive every day, it still doesn’t mean that you can’t stand out from the crowd. So in this article I want to look at some of the regular trends which will help with your blogging, keep your readers coming back and driving more traffic back to your site.

1) Provide Valuable Content: I’m going to just assume given that you are reading this article about blogging tips, that you are a blogger so let me ask you something. Why do you read about blogging tips and what is different from all the other hundreds or thousands of blogging blogs that are out there?

Some of the answers will differ but the main aspect is that you are looking for something that will supply value to you in some way or another and you can take that value and employ it. That is the main reason that someone subscibes to a blog. They get some sort of value somewhere. Whether that value is in the form of how to make more money, in the form of humor, that’s what people want.

So instead of blogging to think of how YOU will benefit, think of how you can benefit your readers. How can you make THEM more money or make THEM laugh or in the case of this post, how you can help THEM to become a better blogger. If you offer constant value to your readers they will keep coming back for more.

2) Make Your Blog Unique: There are numerous things that you can do to make your blog stand out. Offer content in different formats, have a unique design, bring in leaders in your niche for interviews, give away a free ebook. Regardless of new blogs being shaped every day, it doesn’t mean that you can’t stand out from the crowd. Make sure to put forward constant value while trying a blend of these things.

3) Make Your Content Easy To Read: There is nothing worse than something that is difficult to read by being in huge chunk format with no line breaks. This post for example is easier to read and scannable because of the list format. Some tips for making your blog posts easier to read consist of:

    * Reading the post yourself before posting to see if it flows properly
    * Spell check before posting
    * Include paragraph breaks every 3-5 sentences
    * Use bullet points when necessary
    * Create subtitles for longer posts
    * If your doing a list post, separate the points with bold headings for people who skim and scan

4) Be Part Of The Conversation: Blogging is not just about you and it is not just about your readers. It also includes the conversation between your blog and other blogs within your niche. So read the blogs of others in your industry and leave comments to let them know things like what you think of their posts, their sites and maybe some other valuable points that can add to the conversation.

If you link out to other blogs, you will see that others will start linking back to you. I have also found it beneficial to essentially connect with other bloggers on some of the social networking sites and staying connected. There is an entire other world out there in your industry so don’t think that it is all confined to your blog.

5) Make It Simple For Readers To Connect: Think of some of your favorite blogs that you read on a regular basis. What people and their favorite blogs have in common is that they feel like they “know” about the author in some way. So do you make it easy for your readers to connect? You can do this by having an informative “about me” section on your blog, sharing every day stories sometimes in your posts and using your name on blog comments and posts.

6) Don’t Overwhelm Readers With Posts: This one is going to be different depending on what niche that you are in. If you run a blog about current events and news, then you are going to post several times a day. If you are in the Network Marketing industry and you write a post each day that is a few thousand words, that will more than likely be too much for your readers to digest and you would end up repeating a lot of what you have already said.

You can’t please everyone. So there will be some people that feel that it is just to much and some people will be screaming for more. Try to find a nice posting schedule and keep to it. I myself generally post around 3-4 times per week.

Jim Coffman is an online business and internet marketing success coach. To get free instant access to the EXACT formula that has helped thousands of network marketing entrepreneurs build a successful business online, go to the Internet Marketing Blueprint


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