What is good drinking water?

water fasting

There are real questions to be asked: How much water do you need drink each day? The question of water quality; is it true that your tap water is safe? Other concerns will include such things as what type and the percentages of contaminants that are in water that you drink from the tap in various regions of the world.

What is good drinking water? This is one of the crucial questions when it comes to consuming safe drinking water that maybe also be safe enough for food preparation as well. Although most tap water is somewhat good, there still remains the lingering question of Chlorine in drinking water, and its effect on a small percentage of the aging populace. I think it is time we take a look at water quality and its long-term effects on the older generation.

Today for me I have decided to go on a one day fast, given that “My Calendar of Days” states that today (February 14) we should observe hexagram 36. Have a good day and please enjoy the benefits of water fasting today.

By James Byrd, MBA

Credit: http://www.bro-z.com/blogz

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