Flu shots: Should you automatically get the Flu Shot?


Author: Aaron Cain

Flu shots: Should you automatically get the Flu Shot?

How many years can the government, drug industry and the media tell us that we all should get our flu shots because of the coming epidemic that never comes…only to find out that the shot itself is largely ineffective?

According to two recent studies, many of the people who lined up to avoid the impending flu “pandemic” and got flu shots last year are saying, “no thank you” this year.

A Consumer Reports survey found that:

1. 37% of people asked plan to get a flu shot this year

2. 30% say they definitely will not get a shot and

3. 31% were still not sure whether getting the flu shot made sense

Among those looking at the failed track record of the flu vaccine who are saying “no thank you” to this year’s version of the flu shot:

1. 44% told Consumer Reports that they were concerned about the side effects associated with the shot

2. 41% expressed concern about the safety of the shot and

3. 45% said that fears, driven by the media, the government and the drug industry, about last years “pandemic” were blown way out of proportion

A pediatrician in Walnut Creek California was reported by USA TODAY to say, “this year’s flu shots have been made in the same way as flu shots have been made for decades…some patients resist getting the flu shot because they don’t want to be told what to do…medicine and vaccines have gotten caught up in this cynicism about government and authority.” This tells us that there is no reason to expect a better result from the shots and that people are finally waking up!

What options do you have and how can you both improve your health status and improve your resistance to the flu and many other health problems easily and naturally? Here is some information you may find useful:

According to the Doctor’s Resource Center, the following approaches may be helpful once a person contracts the flu:

1. Echinacea may help clear symptoms faster

2. Black elderberry may also speed recovery

Interestingly, when it comes to prevention of the flu, supplementing with Vitamin C may help and a study from Japan indicated that gargling with green tea extract reduced ones likelihood of contracting the flu.

An old study in the Journal of Family Practice from 1989 found that family stress increases the risk of flu and taking measures to relieve stress may be helpful.

Ultimately, preventing the flu and promoting good health are both associated with having a strong and healthy immune system.

Stress, poor dietary choices, sugar, excessive alcohol and tobacco all reduce immune function so common sense says to eat right and take care of your body.

Additionally, proper rest, adequate exercise, lots of pure water and a healthy nervous system are paramount in preventing disease and growing your health. Feel free to consult with us for more details…

According to the Doctors Resource Center, symptoms of decreased immune system function include frequent colds and flu and they provide some healthy LIFESTYLE tips:

1-Both excessive thinness and severe obesity are associated with impaired immune responses

2-Regular moderate physical activity has positive effects on some measures of immunity

3-Reducing stress is helpful, widening your range of adaptability to stress is available here!

Got C?

Vitamin C is a free radical scavenger and helps protect white blood cells. Research has shown that vitamin C taken daily can prevent a cold or flu or shorten the duration. A 1999 study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that daily doses of Vitamin C can effectively relieve or prevent flu symptoms.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/flu-shots-should-you-automatically-get-the-flu-shot-4508991.html

About the Author

Since completing his studies, Dr. Cain has enjoyed working with a wide variety of people from all ages and backgrounds. He looks forward to meeting more of the residents of Calgary and working with them for their chiropractic needs, from pain relief…to wellness.

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1) You can always take one Goldenseal and one Echinacea and lots of water and wait and see what happens.
2) Or the next choice would be the picture above (Hot Toddy) Irish whiskey, lemon, cloves and warm water…..read more. Have fun with it but don’t drink and drive.


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