October Third ~ God’s Daily Minute

October Third ~ God’s Daily Minute


“Her sins, which are many, are forgiven.” – Luke 7:47 ~

HEAVENLY FATHER, through the darkness Thou hast blessed us with Thy gift of sleep and rest. We thank Thee for it. The new day, too, is Thy gift, and for it we give Thee thanks. Help us to begin the day with a glad sense of Thy reality, Thy nearness, Thy love, Thy gracious Fatherhood.
Grant us, we beseech Thee, a fresh sense of Thy forgiving grace, that the sins of the past may not haunt and accuse us. Grant us Thy helping grace, that we may be steadfast in the presence of temptation; that we may be cheerful and faithful in the performance of our tasks; that we may carry our cross of trial, if such shall be laid upon us, bravely and unflinchingly; that we may put away our selfishness and unkindness, and live to-day a loving life with our dear ones and all others with whom we shall have to do Our help is in Thee
Bring to our remembrance Thy great promises. Make the Saviourhood of Christ real in our hearts to-day. Shed forth Thy Holy Spirit anew within us. And what we ask for ourselves, grant, we beseech Thee, in Thy great goodness, to others. Through Jesus Crist our Lord. Amen.

By: Prof. Thomas Trotter, D.D., Toronto, Ont., Canada.

Credit: “God’s Minute: A Book of 365 Daily Prayers Sixty Seconds Long for Home Worship”

Making The Connections


James Byrd

Some of the strengths of centralized social media community management is that the company can create an online community where customers can interact with other customers, and give advice, within an enclosure that is moderated by the company, with an effort to learn more about public sentiments, and as well as provide their users with an effective customer support channel. The strength of such a strategy helps to provide the customer with a public platform, such as that of a town crier in a marketplace, to air their grievances in a closely monitored environment. This strategy will effectively help the company sponsoring the web presence, to better manage and contain brand killing sentiments that might, if left unchallenged, will in effect, tarnish their brand’s reputation.
Conversely, a company might fail to make adjustments to the dynamics of social customer relationship management (SCRM) if there is not a mechanism in place to monitor and respond in a quick and effective manner to these type concerns, with a consistently accurate response record.
In short, the job of creating the platform for customer engagement and how it will be monitored from a central point falls in the hands the firm; hence, it should also be a point or hub for social media optimization.

Once the SCRM plan is operating as prearranged, the firm should have in place some kind of expert network knowledge base response system to respond in a quick and effective manner, which as indicated in the reading, can be done with crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is a decentralizing process, the engine that drives content is not the centralized distribution of expert knowledge coming from the firm itself, but instead it comes from the knowledge management platform, hence, information crowdsourcing. SCRM is a redundant process where in most instances the customer can be guided to the knowledge-based articles that apply directly to a particular situation that they might be tattered to at the moment. That way, the response is consistency across the board within a given time frame.

There are other concerns to be added when looking into the process of connecting with your customers. With this, we might see the value added process of, customer experience management (CEM). Within this concept, we find the after effects of the customer’s sentiments and how it might affect the company brand. Lastly, there is the process of (SCEM), it involves the strategy of interacting with customers via social media connections. This is a very crucial process because of its value adding ability, and we are now talking in terms of new technologies and the promotion of your products plus, again, Brand Loyalty.


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Five Proven Methods for Internet Marketing Success

Five Proven Methods for Internet Marketing Success


Five Proven Methods for Internet Marketing Success

By: Morris Clopton

There are hundreds of ways that you can promote your online business or website, some more effective than others. These five proven methods will help you to generate traffic to your website and also to generate income into your wallet.

  1. One thing that appeals to everyone is “free.” If it is free people will take it. Think of the samples of cheese given away at grocery stores. Do you really want a small piece of cheese? Of course not! But you take it simply because it is free and someone is nice enough to offer it to you. The same principle applies with information or services offered from your website. You can send out free newsletters or offer a free trail period. One popular thing that is being given away now are free credit reports or free PC scans. These freebies are what we in the marketing field like to call teasers. After running the free credit report or PC scan we alert the customer if there is something found on their credit record or PC and then offer to show them what it is or repair the problem for a price. This can be an effective way to get information to your potential customers, create sales or to generate traffic to your site.
  2. Your website contains information about a service or product that you are very knowledgeable about. You can use this knowledge to generate traffic to your site by writing articles in your area of expertise and having them published in an ezine or an article information site. The most effective way to use these articles is to write them for free and ask in return that the publisher allow you to include a byline. A byline is a very short summary of the author, their credentials and their website. Your byline is a way that readers will come to know you as an expert on the topic and will in turn come to trust your site as a source of credible information.
  3. Some search engines will allow a website to purchase their ranking. This is an excel
    lent Internet marketing technique in that it is effective and inexpensive. In the pay-per-click programs, website are only billed for those who actually visit the page, unlike banner ads which may be seen by millions but only used by a few. When using the pay-per-click program you are asked to choose keywords and when those are entered your site will appear and if the surfer chooses to view your site, you are billed for that click. Many pay-per-click programs will offer other benefits as well, such as updated lists of commonly used keywords.

  4. You should remember that others are in the same boat as you. You can choose to network with those who have similar marketing ideas. When networking you will be able to share links and refer customers to each other. You should always be very cautious when choosing a networking partner as everything that you recommend is a reflection of yourself or your product and therefore, you should be certain that your networking partner is a reputable source of information.
  5. Simply because your website is online, doesn’t mean that all your advertising should be. Advertise in newspapers, TV, the radio or you can even send out a press release to get your information to thousands of people all over the country.

Author Bio
Morris Clopton can help you start your own profitable business on the Internet within the next 24 hours. To learn more, visit: www.AchieveWealth.com/pips.html

Article Source: http://www.ArticleGeek.com – Free Website Content

Social Network – Facebook Marketing

Social Network – Facebook Marketing

By Estefania Leon

It’s 2017 and Facebook is still the largest social network on the planet. With over 1.2 billion active users, out of which almost 65% log in daily to this gigantic platform, Facebook was not at all famous back when it launched. A decade ago, there were no more than a few million people using Mark Zuckerberg’s experiment of a social network. A decade ago, nobody expected Facebook to be a global success.

Is something going to stop it from growing at an even faster rate? With the momentum Facebook has been having over the last 5 years, do you think anything will stop it? The shocking answer is “almost definitely no”, because Facebook is here to stay. Any social network or online platform with a user base that large will probably never go down, but simply adapt, instead.

Most digital marketers use Facebook to promote their products to the massive audience, and there’s no better place to advertise than Facebook, because everyone’s ideal market is using it 24/7. But you may wonder – how can one target Facebook users with marketing?

One of the best things about Facebook advertising is that their official advertising platform allows you focus on exactly who you are looking for by age, location, gender, interests, and so much more! The basics of Facebook marketing are very simple, and I’ve been following advice from an expert on Facebook marketing online to bring you the basics of how taking advantage of Facebook.

With 13 being the minimum age requirement for Facebook, almost all age groups use it. There is no official publicly available data by Facebook about their most active age groups, but dozens of researchers showed that the age group of 18-29 is the group you’ll stumble upon the most. Accordingly, people 65 and older barely show interest in using it frequently.

What are the best forms of advertising?

* Page-based ads

Unlike profiles, Facebook pages are your gateway to advertising. They are very similar to profiles, but their purpose is for businesses, organizations, and public figures. Facebook users Like a page, and from that point, they begin following a Page and all its public updates.

Pages are totally free and very straightforward when it comes to setting them up, but the tricky part is getting a good number of fans. That’s where the advertising part steps in.

With page-based ads, you can create Like campaigns or CTA campaigns that are perfect for showcasing an external website.

* Groups

Facebook groups are what forums should have been, and they are similar to Pages, with the addition being that anyone can post updates to a Group. You can create a group that relates to your industry or audience and start from there. Groups are free and without wasting money on ads, you can engage a lot of users in no time.

* Profile Photo – indirect advertising

Your profile photo is the placeholder for your logo. It’s that simple. When it comes to the Cover Image, it’s a different story, because you’re the one who has to decide what goes here. Some use imaginary mascots, others showcase discounts or even their own employees. Fancy artwork with a flat design is always a great option, though.

* The “About” section

It’s a short pitch that can make or break your Facebook marketing campaign. This goes right below your business’ logo / profile picture, and this is where you get to tell the wide Facebook community what you’re about.

All you have to do to succeed is to keep it friendly and informal, because nothing beats a casual tone.


Facebook is more than just a powerful social network. It’s flexible, and no matter what your niche is, you can enjoy enough varieties of marketing options. With them, you can tailor your marketing efforts to fit all your company’s needs.

Of course it takes time to learn all of Facebook’s wide features, but believe me, once you get through them all, it will be so worth it! You want to make sure you embrace the constant growth that Facebook is having, and then work on social media marketing.

Strike while the iron is hot. It’s just a matter of time before your competition starts running Facebook ads to promote products and discounts. If is not yet a part of your [https://www.zeqr.com/Online-Live-Course/159-sara-valente-santos/facebook-marketing]Facebook marketing campaign, it should definitely be. Do your research, sign up for Sara’s Zeqr class, start a few campaigns to see what will happen. Practice makes perfect!

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Social-Network—Facebook-Marketing&id=9791673] Social Network – Facebook Marketing

September Tenth ~ God’s Daily Minute

September Tenth ~ God’s Daily Minute

Ask in his name

“Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in My name, He will give it you.” – John 16:23
O God, Who art the Father of all the families of the earth, and Who makest men to be of one mind in a house: Bless this household, we beseech Thee, and grant that its members may be so united to one another in Thy faith and fear, that Thou mayest have Thy dwelling in them, and through them draw others to know Thee, to love Thee, and to serve Thee.
Set us free, we beseech Thee, from all the sins which we have committed in the years that are past, showing us how we have displeased Thee, making us sorry for all our selfishness, our pride, our anger and every other wrongdoing.
Grant us courage this day to be true to Thee, in thought and word and deed. Make us patient and humble, pure in heart and speech, cheerful and self-forgetful, temperate and just. Strengthen us to stand for the rights of the poor, the oppressed, the forsaken, against the insolence of the rich and the tranny of the powerful. And bring us at last to Thy Heavenly Kingdom. All this we ask for the sake of Thy dear Son, Jesus Christ, to Whom, with Thee and the Holy Ghost, be glory now and forever. Amen

By: Rev. James O. S. Huntington, Wes Park, N. Y.

Credit: “God’s Minute: A Book of 365 Daily Prayers Sixty Seconds Long for Home Worship”

“A little book I carried with me as I faithfully fulfilled my military duty.” James Byrd, MBA

Hurricane Preparedness and Evacuation Tips

Hurricane Preparedness and Evacuation Tips


By Ador Talukdar

If you live in an area where there is a possibility of a hurricane coming onshore you need to know how to prepare for these storms. Unlike a tornado, these storms have enough warning time for the citizens in their path to prepare. The following tips will help you to prepare your family for the stormy days ahead.

Prepare an Evacuation Plan

The number one thing that you need to do before a hurricane strikes is have an evacuation plan ready. These plans are best made when there is not a storm threatening you.

• Plan where you will go in the event that the storm comes inland in your area.
• Decide who will be driving the vehicles that you are taking
• Decide which family members will be riding in which vehicles
• Make plans for carrying your pets with you
• Have emergency rations packed. Make one person responsible for packing the emergency rations in the vehicles.
• Have a check-list of things that need to be done before you evacuate so you can make sure you have everything you need

Packing Emergency Rations in Advance

It is a good idea that you keep a container packed with the emergency rations you would need during an evacuation. Pack these items in a container that is waterproof and has a good lid. Keep them in one place in the house and make sure everyone knows where they are located. Assign the job of placing these rations into the vehicle to one family member. Practice what you would do if ordered to evacuate so the person in charge of these rations can be familiar with their responsibility.

Things to pack in the box:

• A flashlight and batteries for the flashlight

• Enough water for everyone that will be evacuating to have drinking water for at least three days

• Non perishable food products. Pack enough for each person to have adequate food rations for three days

• Blankets and pillows

• Food for your pet

• At least three changes of clothing for each person

• Non prescription first aid medications like aspiring, Tylenol, allergy medications, bandages for minor cuts, antibiotic ointment, teething gel for infants, etc.

• Prescription medications for each person. The pharmacy will generally refill your prescriptions even if it is not time when a storm like this is threatening your area.

• Emergency cash

• Toiletries like shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and feminine hygiene products.

• Your important documents like passports, deeds to land, titles to vehicles, birth certificates and professional licenses.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Hurricane-Preparedness-and-Evacuation-Tips&id=7197799] Hurricane Preparedness and Evacuation Tips

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10 Ways to Improve Your Life with Goji Juice

Author: Carolette Wright

Goji Juice is rising in the ranks of popularity among health fanatics and those concerned about acquiring a better quality of life and getting a healthy start. The Chinese have always known of the benefits of Himalayan Goji Berries and have used this timeless fruit for centuries.

“Well, it is now time for the rest of the world to experience the power of Goji. The popularity of the goji is growing rapidly as users learn more about this superfood” stated Carolette Wright, owner of Premium Foods. “The most important aspect of goji juice”, Wright adds, “is that you consume the juice in its 100% purest, premium form. When looking for the best goji juice, it is important that the label states that the juice has no added water or sugars. This would dilute the effects of the goji juice to improve your life.”

Shirley Allen from Texas shares this testimony of her experience with goji juice.

“I feel a remarkable difference since drinking Himalayan Goji Juice. I am 46 years old with a body that has been mistreated by time, too much partying, and burning the candle at both ends. I take four ounces in the morning and four ounces in the evening this week. I feel that clear-mind and energetic feeling like I did when I was in my 20s…The baby boomers are going to love you forever. Thank you so much for giving me my youth back.”

Wright states that researcher have found several benefits from juicing goji berries. Listed are 10 benefits of goji juice shared by Wright.

Benefit # 1: Anti-Aging Food & Extends Life

  • Goji is known as the “longevity fruit” it contains powerful polysaccides and antioxidants to help your body keep free radicals to a minimum which ultimately helps protect you against premature aging so that you can do the things that you enjoy the most.

Benefit #2: Look Better, Feel Younger

  • After taking goji juice on a consistent basis now your body is getting what it needs to release free radicals.
  • Getting rid of those toxins in your body by consuming goji products, especially goji juice helps you and feel better.

Benefit #3: Reduce Sleep Disorders

  • In several medical study groups show that nearly all patients taking goji reported better quality of sleep.

Benefit #4: Improves Digestion Problems

  • Goji has been used in those with atrophic gastritis. This condition includes symptoms like weakening of the digestion due to reduced activity in stomach cells.

Benefit #5: Improves Memory

  • Goji contains betine which is converted in your body into choline a substance which helps enhance brain memory.

Benefit # 6: Improves Kidney Functions

  • In Chinese medicine the kidney is considered one of the most important organs. Goji has been traditionally used as a super tonic supporting ultimate kidney health and functions by reducing kidney problems.

Benefit #7: Reduces Heart Disease

· Goji contains cyperone a sesquiterpene that benefits the heart and blood pressure.

  • Its anthocyanin helps to maintain strength and integrity of coronary arteries.

Benefity#8: Combats Fatigue and Lethargy

  • Goji is one of Asia’s adaptogens. Goji may help increase exercise tolerance, improve stamina and endurance. It also helps eliminate fatigue especially when recovering from and illness.

Benefit # 9: Reduces and Improves Liver Failure

  • Goji contains cetebroside (a type of enzyme) that protects liver cells even from highly toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  • The liver is a filtering organ and when it is clogged with toxins it cannot properly do its job of riding all of the harmful toxins and radicals in your body. Goji Juice helps aid the liver in flushing and clearing itself so that it can complete its purpose.

Benefit #10: Regulate Immune Response

  • Research reveals that goji may have the ability to regulate immunity by commanding and controlling many of the body’s important defense functions by helping to enhance and balance the activity of all classes of immune cells.

To receive a full copy of this article 18 Ways To Improve Your Life With Goji Juice or contact Carolette Wright, Vice President of Marketing.

Premium Foods serves over 85,000 customers and supplies premium goji juice, mangosteen juice and noni juice in five different countries. It is headquartered in Nashville, TN. ###

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/alternative-medicine-articles/10-ways-to-improve-your-life-with-goji-juice-4895883.html

About the Author

Carolette Wright is Co-founder and Vice President of Marketing for Premium Foods, which serves over 85,000 customers and supplies Premium Goji Juice, Mangosteen Juice and Noni Juice in five different countries. Premium Foods is headquartered outside of Nashville, TN.

Carolette Wright is also a published author. She has completed 2 ebooks Property Preservation Contacts and is on schedule to release 5 additional titles by the end of 2011.

As a long-time, serial entrepreneur, she has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and online outlets, for example, Entrepreneur.com’s small business magazine Be Your Own Boss; and The Wall Street Journal’s RealEstateJournal.com. She also writes self-syndicated small business columns, which appeared in several newspapers in 2011.

Carolette Wright has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Howard University located in Washington DC.

Superfruits: Power-Up Your Health with Pomegranate, Acai, Gac, Mangosteen, and Goji (Woodland Health)