Summer Skin Care

James Byrd, MBA

Hemp seed oil I would say is one of the most promising products emerging in the marketplace today. Let’s look at the benefits. First, it’s a natural ingredient which will be good for both you and the environment due to its attributes of being somewhat biodegradable. This product can be added to such applications as soothing gels for sunburns and common burns, in the form of hemp seed butter, hair conditioners, shaving creams, and most anti-aging treatments, as well as a number of other cosmetics and toiletries applications. Summer is fast approaching remember to add hemp seed oil to your list of products as an added protection against UV skin damage. Also, use it as an anti-aging tool every day, hemp seed oil does not leave a greasy look or greasy feel on your skin, it tends to absorb into the skin leaving a more natural look. It’s not an overnight process, but going forward you will see the results as your skin reverts back to a more natural resilience and a healthy radiance.

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