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Top 10 Misleading Marketing Tactics

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Belly Fat Surgery

For some people, they prefer to undergo surgery to get rid of the excess belly fat. However, every surgical procedure has its own risks, and this cannot be prevented, because all surgery has side effects. Abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, abdominal etching and gastric bands are just some of the belly fat surgeries that are commonly done.... Read More »

Google Strategies

Get people to notice your site and boost your sales without having to spend thousands of dollars every month! Learn... Read More »

The essentials of Social Media Marketing

As we move forward in the world of advertising and marketing there seems to be a slight tilt towards the methodology of social media marketing. Just as innovative technologies evolve, so does the practice of social media marketing. Number one question, “Why adopt social media marketing?” First, there is the effects of low cost per... Read More »

Social Media Marketing

In today’s markets the competitive edge can be met by adhering to ad repetition via various modes of marketing platforms and innovative techniques. I think the one that we just cannot turn a blind eye to now-a-days is social media marketing and its various delivery mechanisms, most mainly, smart applications. Repetition equals attention. The social... Read More »

Sugar, is it Bad?

Sugar can be classified as an addictive substance for a number of reasons. There are a vast number of health issues related to sugar addictions. Learn more about sugar addictions and why we must curve those... Read More »

Hexagram 23 – Take it Slow

Why do I say that? It’s the general trend at the time. For some reason now is not a good time to take things for granted. Read more about “My Calendar of Days.” Right now, today, stay home and... Read More »

Fitness eBook

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A Look at the History of Taoism and What It Is

Tao which is actually pronounced as “dow” is translated to mean the way or path in English. Tao in reality is not so easily definable. Tao is the power of the universe that encompasses and moves through all things, both living and non living. Learn... Read More »

Pure Garcinia Cambogia At A Glance

All of these ingredients are big help for weight loss and increase metabolism rate. On the other hand, This weight loss diet coffee included with some natural ingredients, which are Arabica Coffee Beans, Chromium Polynicotinate, garcinia cambogia reviews, and Bitter Orange. Basically, the benefits of caffeine are to stop food cravings, boost your metabolism, and... Read More »