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Plants and Herbs of the Cycladic Islands – Greece

By Anastasia Kanli The Cycladic islands are famous all over the world as an ideal holiday destination, especially one worth exploring by sailing boat, which allows the visitor to get to know many islands. The sea is the protagonist in a sailing trip but the visitor shouldn’t miss coming into contact with the unique landscape... Read More »

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Yoga (5 Are Backed by Studies!)

By Ricky P O’ Shea The health benefits of yoga are far reaching. Admittedly, the idea of bending, stretching, twisting and manipulating your body to improve well-being may seem counter-intuitive, but you may be tempted to give Yoga a shot after you read this article. Read... Read More »

5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Affect Your Home Internet Business

By Jon Allo Trying to keep up to date in the online business world is not easy. Let’s take a look at 5 online marketing trends that are happening right now. Learn... Read More »

Quitting Sugar (If I Started Over Now)

By Joan Kent This article covers some mistakes that are common in trying to quit sugar. It also covers the important mindset shifts that make it possible to quit sugar successfully. Learn... Read More »

Jogging Lessons For Oldies

By Dr Neil Flanagan Without knowing it, we can set our pace based on others. We might see a photo of some celebrity in a magazine and try to look just like that. Even though we acknowledge that the photo has been ‘photoshopped’, we put ourselves through living hell to ‘measure-up’. This article suggests action... Read More »

Create Endless Opportunities to Be Featured on Blogs, Podcasts, Ezines

By Kathleen Gage Many experts know they must gain visibility so their market will find them, but seem to struggle with how to do this. The best way to be visible is to be visible. Learn simple strategies to gain ample visibility. Learn... Read More »

How To Learn Lessons From Sports

By Dr Neil Flanagan Sports and sporting events contain many lessons for living, including how to live a longer, better life. This article draws on an annual event in Australia that gains plenty of attention throughout the world and its author uses this event to consider the lessons for adding years to life and life... Read More »

Social Media And Its Impact On The Global Business Community

By PE It can be said that social media has structured the processes of how consumers share their common experiences in terms of brand acceptance and that of furtherance of the innovative processes of various products going forward; in general, the social media tool enhances the future capabilities of the firm going forward. Read... Read More »

Do Facial Exercises for the Benefit of Your Face

by Jen Hopkins Facial exercises are known for eliminating wrinkles on the face. But this is not the only benefit that you can get from doing the exercises. doing the exercises correctly and diligently will be able to give you a lot more benefits, which are already comparable to using creams on your face. Learn... Read More »

10 Steps to Instantly Improve Digestion

By Dr. Cara Nicole Ph.d Digestion is one of the first processes of nutrition and is vital to health. Learn how to improve and maximize this process and eliminate digestive disturbances. Learn more about... Read More »