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Top Health Eating Tips To Enjoy Your Meal

by Randy Disert These healthful eating tips are extremely critical if you want to be able to take pleasure in what you consume. Most individuals think that eating healthy and enjoying the food is never possible. In fact, it is entirely possible to delight in what you eat. There are many healthy foods that are... Read More »

A Life-Changing Medical Breakthrough

Book Review: “I am a /CLEAN/ believer, and I recommend its study and practice with the greatest confidence and enthusiasm.” (Robert Thurman, author of Inner Revolution) “I have seen the incredible results of the CLEAN program with hundreds of patients, from changing their relationship to food, to weight loss to improving health to enjoying life... Read More »

Holistic Healing With the Tao

By Douglas Cobb Interested in reading New Age books about holistic healing, the Tao, Qigong, and other related topics? Then, the second book in the series by Ricardo B. Serrano, R. Ac., Return to Oneness with the Tao, is just the book for you! In it, the talented and always informative author covers many topics... Read More »

Guided Meditation – Path To Physical And Mental Well-being

by Dr. Robert Puff If stress and anxiety are taking over your life, you should get help of guided meditation as your stress management resource. Learn how to meditate and free your mind of worries in order to lead a healthy and peaceful life. The high-speed lifestyle that all of us lead today doesn’t leave... Read More »

A Portrait of People Who Want to Belong at All Costs, Receive Love and Appreciation: Are They Happy?

By Doron Gil, Ph.D. In his brilliant movie: ” Zelig”, Woody Allen portrays a person who tries to assimilate himself at all costs, to whichever environment he encounters: he can turn into “everybody” as if by the snatch of his fingers. By doing so he is trying to survive in the world. Movie aside, there... Read More »

Handling Unexpected Events

By John Steely They are the bane of all schedules, the destroyer of all plans. They are the dread of managers and coordinators everywhere. They bring the organizer to their knees. They are unexpected events. Unexpected events take up valuable time and energy and money. They use up resources which were planned for something else.... Read More »

The at Home Entrepreneur

By Mathew Mastro Transitioning from working the 9-5 job or simply getting out of a Traditional Business you hated was a task in itself.. but you made it! Congrats! So now what? Your mindset, your habits and actions were geared toward going to that office everyday… grabbing your cup of Coffee or Tea and some... Read More »

Waste Management and Control

As a person just like you who has struggled with finding a way to help the Earth, I have searched high and low to find the best strategies to fix this problem and I am fully qualified and equipped to help you put an end to your frustration with trying to wade through all the... Read More »

Self-Treatment for Drug Abuse!

In today’s society it can be quite tempting for a person to seek out a source of instant gratification to help them cope with the struggles that they face from day to day. Unfortunately, this search leads many people to a path of drug abuse. In most cases, people who abuse drugs destroy their life... Read More »

Music – A Relaxing Remedy

By Amna Jamshed Putting your hand under the face, feeling down and depressed, are you pondering over the easy ways to escape from the gloom? Then click to the music of your choice, and be not reluctant to tap and swing with its beats. Shortly a stress-free and tranquil feeling will supersede the exhausted state... Read More »