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5 Reasons Your Online Business Needs Social Media

By Moataz Elzieny Marketing online continues to evolve and grow and these days social media takes a front seat in most online marketing strategies as supports the growth of business. The reasons to use social platforms to engage and reach customers are plentiful; here are 5 of the main ones. Reason #1: Reach Why do... Read More »

Animal Odd Couples

... Read More »

Soul + Strategy

Soul + Strategy By Carol A. Soares One of the greatest lessons every female entrepreneur can learn is that soul and strategy are not to be regarded separately. In fact, your soul guides your strategy; and your soul is the driving force behind all your efforts, thanks to which you persevere and eventually succeed. What... Read More »

Top 10 Tips to Make You More Productive When Working From Home

By Amy Woods Did you know there are more people working from home today than there have ever been before? In the UK alone, according to the Office for National Statistics, the number of people working from home reached 4.2m in 2014. In the USA, 1 in 5 workers (30m people) are based from home,... Read More »

Healing Cancer And Cellular Memory

by Dr Laurence Magne “Cellular memory” is defined as the capacity of living tissue cells to memorise and recall characteristics of the body from which they originated. Organ transplantation has applied the advances of technologically driven orthodox medicine for more than 50 years. However, its only in recent years that the recipients of donated organs... Read More »

All You Need to Know Prior to Sending Cargo Abroad

All You Need to Know Prior to Sending Cargo Abroad By Dylan Flint Since several decades, sending goods from one country to another has been a hassle for most people. Back in those days sending any goods abroad used to be expensive. Moreover, it was a time-consuming affair with no surety on the delivery date... Read More »

The Aspirant’s Complaint: I Could NEVER Write A Book

The Aspirant’s Complaint: I Could NEVER Write A Book By Bryan Heathman Did you know that over 70% of people have written down “writing a book” on their bucket list? As such, I get business executives frequently asking me on planes or at the gym about what is involved in writing a book. This Is... Read More »

Advantages of Applying Feng Shui in Your Life

Many people are fascinated with Feng Shui and with many good reasons. While others generally believe that it is just some oriental superstitious set of paradigms on interior design (but that is just part of the extensive definition for Feng Shui), the Feng Shui that we know now is actually comprised of various schools of... Read More »

Addiction to Convenience

By Margaret Paul, Ph.D. How did we get so deeply into instant gratification? How did we get so far away from receiving satisfaction from doing things that take some time? A good example of this is food. Fast food restaurants would never have flourished if people weren’t addicted to convenience. What happened to the satisfaction... Read More »

Brain Plasticity And The Wonder Of Cognition

by Casper Mosley With a new understanding of brain plasticity, the “brain rules” have shifted. You’ve been programmed to anticipate an unending mental decline with your aging parents. You probably have been reading much about “brain training” and “brain fitness” and questioned, “What is all the Fuss About?” After many months of work, we have... Read More »