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Chinese Stress Balls – How Chinese Balls Can Minimize Your Stress

By Howard Jones Everyone experiences some form of stress from time to time. When the signs of stress are high enough, or prolonged, it can have quite harmful effects on your well being. One type of stress relief that men and women have turned to is stress reduction balls, in particular, Chinese stress relief balls.... Read More »

Thanksgiving Dinner – How Many Calories and How Nutritious?

By Erica Goodstone, Ph.D. Many of us have just enjoyed a tasty and very satisfying Thanksgiving Dinner complete with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and lots more food. Tastes good and we may have enjoyed sharing a meal with family and friends. But what about our waistlines and our health? How many... Read More »

Victim Mentality: Do Some People’s Childhoods Set Them Up To Have A Victim Mentality?

By Oliver JR Cooper If someone is going through a difficult time in their life, they could come to believe that they are being victimized. When this happens, they could end up feeling hopeless, and as though they have no control. Alternatively, they could look into what is taking place and then look into what... Read More »

Budget-Friendly Holiday Ideas

By Christina Lane Holiday’s don’t have to cost a fortune to those of us who are taking the time to buy green. What does buying green mean you may ask? Well, simple. Take the time to shop gently used items instead of purchasing new. These used items, will not only saves you money, but it... Read More »

Your Children Are On Their Own Soul’s Journey

By Margaret Paul In a phone session with Gerald, one of my clients, he expressed to me that he was feeling very sad about his son, Luc. Luc, 29 years old, was not doing much with his life, and Gerald was berating himself for how he had parented Luc. “I should have spent more time... Read More »

Yoga in Practice: Ten Solutions for Depressed Yoga Students, Part 1

By Paul Jerard Yoga teachers often struggle with methods for helping their students deal with a variety of ailments. Depression is serious, and is one of many ailments, but much like stress, it can be the “root cause” of many more problems. So, let’s look at ten ways to turn a Yoga student’s life away... Read More »

How To Avoid Prostate Cancer – Naturally

By Wendy Owen It is much better to avoid any form of cancer than to try and treat it after it has appeared. Prostate cancer, however, is usually a slow growing form of cancer which responds well to treatment. The first step in prostate cancer prevention is to improve your general health. Weight should be... Read More »

What You Need to Know About Coffee

By Larry M. Lynch A Third of the World Drinks Coffee “Without my morning coffee, I’m no good.” “I need my two cups of coffee to get me going in the morning.” “The first thing we do in the morning is make a pot of fresh coffee.” So go the sentiments of nearly a third... Read More »

Solar Power for Homes – Understanding and Using DYI Solar Panels

by Mark Twanger DIY solar panels for home-based use are becoming increasingly popular. The main reason for the growing popularity is to be reduced to two factors. One, are the rising costs of electricity bills. Two global warming is a problem. Most of our current electricity comes from power plants fired with fossil fuels. As... Read More »

Five Reasons Why Today Is the Greatest Time to Be an Author

Five Reasons Why Today Is the Greatest Time to Be an Author By Patrick Esposito There have been many great books written, especially in the last 100 years. When men first started writing books, they had to use a chisel and a stone. Eventually the typewriter was invented in 1868 by Christopher Latham Sholes, Carlos... Read More »