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Neuro Natural Memory: An Explanation Of Its Functions

by Art Robertson Those of us who are already beginning to feel the effects of memory loss know how stressful it really is. Our memory is a precious feature, and supplements like Neuro Natural Memory are designed to help us retain that feature. But to understand how memory boosters work, we must first understand how... Read More »

Get Anything You Want By Changing Your Thinking!

By: Doug Allan Dammeier Money is hard to get for most people. Money can be easy to get for other people. Why is that? Growing up we aren’t taught the proper way of thinking about money. High school doesn’t teach us anything useful about it. College doesn’t teach any real-world knowledge either. And our parents... Read More »

Coffee Cart Business Opportunities

By Charles Gund No one can deny that life today goes on a much faster rate than it did before. With so many things to do and take care of during the day, people hardly have time for some of the things they used to spend precious time on – like preparing home-cooked meals. This... Read More »

White Sun – Tao of Heaven

By Teow Aun Chew Tao exists before Heaven and Earth. It will still exist after the destruction of everything. Tao is the origin of Heaven, Earth, mankind, substances and matters. Tao being the essence, is the core of all virtues. God is the spiritual energy of Tao. In terms of the lord of all phenomena... Read More »

5 Top Things To Help Students Who Self Harm At Christmas

By Jennifer M McLeod Christmas and Self Harm Christmas is generally a time for joy, giving, receiving and thinking of others. For some people however, Christmas brings about fear, trepidation and anxiety. As schools are about to break up for the festive season, some pupils in particular may be filled with dread and the thought... Read More »

Our Calendar Of Days – Hexagram 3

By James Byrd I. The oracle   A. Hexagram Three is related to Difficulty at the Beginning. Another variation would be The idea of a coming together of two people, and the creation of a third, or water above and thunder below, which gives rise to wet weather and thunder storms during this lapse of... Read More »

10 Ultimate Ways to Manifest Happiness, Health and Well-Being in the New Year

By Kevin Hufford Happiness, health and well-being are the “Ultimate Three Aspects of Life” that you need to manifest so that you can experience an awesome life, reality and world. I would like to share with you 10 WAYS, 10 AFFIRMATIONS and 10 MIND POWER QIGONG breathing exercises that I have done and continue to... Read More »

On Choosing Friends

By Bindu Saxena The birth of friendship According to C. S. Lewis, friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: “What? You too… ? I thought I was the only one.” We cannot be friends unless we have at least one thing in common. That one thing could only be just... Read More »

Coffee and Tea: Health Benefits and Health Problems

By Leonard Greenhall There is always the choice between coffee and tea. In some countries, such as Italy the choice of offer is not given there is the assumption you want coffee and a range of coffee collations offered from flat white half strength to black and strong. However in most Anglicized countries the choice... Read More »

Coffee And Tea Gift Baskets Are Great Gifts

By Beth Cavett The holiday gift-giving season is over, but gifts still need to be given all throughout the year for many different kinds of occasions. Coffee and tea gift baskets are a perfect choice for any person who enjoys these soothing, comfort drinks. Coffee and tea are the most consumed beverages in the world,... Read More »