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Powerful Marketing Starts By Fulfilling Promises

By Scott Flood Looking for a truly powerful way to differentiate your company from your pack of competitors? What if you simply fulfill your promises? That may sound ridiculously simple, and frankly, it is. But several recent experiences with companies that depend upon top-notch service to draw repeat business have convinced me that far too... Read More »

Qigong Meditation and Food Healing: Ancient Medicine for Modern Times

By Jeffrey Primack Qigong is a 5000 year old “energy strengthening art” that combines powerful breath techniques and slow body movement. Oprah Winfrey’s Dr. Oz recently praised Qigong in 2007 when he said, “If you want to live to be 100, do Qigong!” It was also rated as one of the top natural healing exercises... Read More »

Hexagram 1 (6-27-16)

Hexagram 1 James Byrd, MBA June 27 I.The oracle   A. Hexagram One with this we see the orgin or the creation of things; The Dragon Hides and builds his strength:    A. Hexagram one is directly related to The Creative Principle, The Origin, hence, the source of all sources. Another variation would be that... Read More »

Global Change

James Byrd, MBA Some practices of the past are just not equipped to explain the norms of today. Yes that’s true and to diverge more into the subject of the impact of the internet on globalization, the main or key factors to be looked at are; the growth of global e-commerce, electronic supply chain, and... Read More »

Kick PTSD Emotions Before They Can Bounce Back

By Risa Ruse Just when we may think that we have conquered the main components of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) of anger and fear, something happens to put it back. I call this an emotional attack. The reasons are depending on how spiritually connected we may have become. If that is a construct that... Read More »

Understanding Marketing – An Overview of Strategies, Costs, Dangers and Risks

By Marilyn Bontempo What is Marketing? Marketing is a business discipline through which the targeted consumer is influenced to react positively to an offer. This can relate to the purchase of a product or a service, the joining of an organization, the endorsement of a candidate or ideology, the contribution or investment in a cause... Read More »

Yoga: The Benefits Of Detoxification

By James Fetisov We always seek calmness and balance in our mind and body. The only way we can achieve this is through detoxification. As you progress in life, your body tends to accumulate some toxins that builds up gradually. These toxins, have some devastating health effects. They have some negative impact on the clarity... Read More »

Everyday ‘Clairvoyance:’ How Your Brain Makes

Everyday ‘Clairvoyance:’ How Your Brain Makes Near-Future Predictions Aug. 18, 2011 — Every day we make thousands of tiny predictions — when the bus will arrive, who is knocking on the door, whether the dropped glass will break. Now, in one of the first studies of its kind, researchers at Washington University in St. Louis... Read More »

Convergence, Marketing and Globalization

By James Byrd, MBA There are implications for the globalization of markets, which is due in part to the development of the internet, as we speak. The World Wide Web has helped create an electronic global marketplace. In combination with the fact that low cost transportation has made it more economical to ship products around... Read More »

Keep a Balanced Exercise Program to Maintain Fitness

by Trina Rowe A well thought out exercise program and proper nutrition equals being physically sound and healthy. Sounds simple enough, right? But how do I start? And what type of exercise program is really best for me, based on my age, body shape and size, abilities and time constraints? And how do I know... Read More »